The Final Countdown!

As I write this we are five days away from launch! While I am excited I have some major butterflies in my stomach! A lot has been done, a lot is falling into place and there is yet a lot to do.

This past week we had our photo shoot. In Chicago we have had some crazy weather these past few weeks, but the day of the shoot, it was perfect! Brilliant sunshine. And the studio is gorgeous with floor to ceiling windows along one face so we had this amazing light streaming in all through the morning. We shot all the looks for the online store – front and back, top and bottom, fabric details, embellishment details – all needed to really show the product well on the site.


For the next few days we will be working fiendishly on the last minute details. All the product is being steamed and tagged. Programs for the show are being made up. (In keeping with the name of the show “Dance”, the programs will be a beautiful silk fan with a program hanging from it – just like the dance cards on the fans of ladies at a ball) . Models, makeup and hairstylists are being given details. The Kankakee Chamber Musicians who will be playing for the show itself are ready and excited. And among other things we are prepping over 100 goodie bags.

Garment tags

I will try and post images throughout the day on April 14 on my Instagram and Twitter feeds if you are interested in seeing the preparations. As of that day we will also be moving the blog to our online store and website We welcome you to check it out and we would love it if you continued following us there.

Fans that will be used for our programs.


These last few months have been a lot of hard work…tiring but fun. As we get ready to launch I would like to thank everyone who has been a great support, and my own personal cheering squad….you know who you are! I look forward to this continuing adventure and hope you will come along to share it with me.

Thank you again…..and see you on the other side!

Product on one of our racks

Behind the Scenes- Part II

So I have been away from my blog for over three weeks, not because I haven’t had anything to write about but because I have been crazy busy with preparing for the launch. Launch of the new collection and the online store!

The date is April 14, 2016. Just a mere five and a half weeks away!

Those sketches and ideas from a few months ago are now becoming a reality…from concepts they are becoming our creations. We have been working hard at finding the ideal print for the collection, creating muslins and patterns; sourcing the right buttons and buckles; and figuring out the perfect designs for embellishment on some pieces. In the process I have also realized how small the world is while I have been working with artists in London, getting fabrics from Belgium and France (among others), notions from Italy, and working with amazingly creative people in India as well as here at home.

Jacket front copy
A jacket from the new collection

While production is going on, my focus now shifts to the actual launch event. We have found an amazing venue –  Prairie Production Studio  in Chicago. A dear and very talented friend Chef Markus Ford has lifted a load off my shoulders by handling the planning of the entire event. And the lovely energetic Patti Minglin from Go Girl Communications is in charge of PR. It is all coming together.

For now let me give you a peek into the actual design process of the collection. For those who did not get a chance to view our first video of our launch series I have reposted that here. As the days fly by I will keep the camera in hand and post more footage of behind the scenes, till the day of the unveiling. This is an exciting time for us, and I hope you will join us and be a part of this journey.

Thank you for all your support!





Lady in Pink!

Lilly Pulitzer said it best “Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink.”

Today the color pink implies a certain frivolity, a certain childlike innocence. From baby hood to their teens girls are bombarded with the color pink- baby blankets, adorable little ensembles and stuffed toys that give way to bright pink lipsticks and nail enamel, Valentines and even a brand named “Pink”! And then recently, with the likes of the Paris Hiltons and the archetypal bubbly bimbo Elle Woods (though she did surprise us with her brains) clad from head to toe in that hue, it has certainly made it a color too sweet to be taken seriously.

Now I must admit that though I was not a girlie girl growing up, I did have a healthy love affair with pink. My wardrobe was peppered with various shades of this color and  I enjoyed wearing them. My only regret is that even with my incessant badgering my mother never gave in to my need for having that gorgeous pink gown that Princess Aurora wore. (Sigh!)

By the time I reached my mid teens, the societal conditioning began taking its toll and black and neutral colors became the rage. I had fun experimenting with mini skirts, stilettos, and figure hugging jeans. Pink was now a guilty secret relegated to lingerie…not seen but certainly there!


As I got older I found myself wearing pink infrequently as I grew tired of the “cute” and condescending remarks I would get from both genders.

Then came the Spring/Summer 2015 fashion collections and marching down the runways of every major fashion show was the new hot color…pink! From Balmain to Victoria Beckham, they all showed an eye popping array of that hue. And the looks were strong! They looked good! Somehow they did not reduce the woman wearing it to a simpering little girl.

It is time we looked at this color with a new eye. It is one that is favored by the strong hearted…a perfect blend of passionate red and pure white. Today you see more and more women in high positions embracing the color as part of their femininity. This new pink is somewhat steelier and not meek and mild. Pink is the theme of the universal breast cancer campaign. It represents the grit, determination and inner grace of the women battling this disease. It is used as a healing color in therapy.

So if pink is a strong color and we have unconsciously been empowering our little girls, lets take it a step further and embrace it as part of our femininity as we grow older. Just look at Amal Clooney – a powerful woman who confidently wears pink. Pink isn’t just a color, it’s an attitude….and if that is so, I am woman (in pink) hear me roar!

Cerise copy

The Importance of Taking Time to Smell the Roses

So this past week I got so very busy with getting all the new pieces in the collection drafted and patterned that I clean forgot about blogging. In fact there I was at 2:23 on Thursday morning getting all the garment patterns and tech packs ready to be sent on to the sewing contractor! And I began working at 8:30am the previous day. Okay, I’ll admit it – I am a workaholic! But let’s be honest, I think a lot of us fall into the category. There is so much to do in this world! Places to visit, people to meet, work to get done, a career to boost, a family to care for…and the list goes on. But I am beginning also to realize that there is no use to doing all this if we cannot enjoy the fruits of our labor.


The Urban Dictionary defines “slow down and smell the roses” as the process by which we stop stressing out, overthinking, or complaining. Where we put our troubles in perspective and try to enjoy the short time we have on earth.

I think of it as consciously pausing and stepping out of one’s immediate concerns to take a breath, enjoy the moment

Yes, you have a never- ending list of things to do! Yes, they are probably not going to get done until you get to them. And yes, before I finish this sentence three more items are probably going to be added to that list. And so you are going to say what is the use of “smelling those darn roses!” (Heck, even I feel a certain sense of panic at the thought of pausing.) But okay let’s go ahead and hear the argument for letting go, even if it is for just a few moments.

So without sounding preachy here are a few ways to live a better life-

Stop to acknowledge- it is important to take stock of the accomplishments and victories in our life, be it small or big. When we honor them and are grateful for them the Universe is able to give us more.

It is okay to have FUN- when we recharge by going out for a walk with our dog, playing with a child, enjoying a bath with candles and a glass of wine, spending time with friends or even indulging in some retail therapy, we set aside that sense of urgency and can actually come back to our work with renewed vigor.

Simplify – declutter your personal space. This in turn will clear your mind.

Be Creative- Cook a meal, enjoy a museum, color, take a photograph (and no, a selfie does not count!!) ….do something that you would consider frivolous on a normal day.

Meditate- Of course you can sit in a Lotus pose, close your eyes and listen to “chakra healing” chants to transform your energy from negative to positive, but that isn’t the only way to meditate. Just finding a quiet place, listen to your favorite music and focus on your own thoughts. It is a great way to relax.


We are still in January of a brand new year and we have the rest of 2016 to make it one for the books. I have already begun seeing positive results from making these small changes as of this last weekend. Give it shot. Let me know if you enjoy the scent of those roses!

Roses 1

Sujata Gazder Wedding Look

I am re-blogging this article written by a wonderful blogger. You can check out her blog at lifewithlilred
Thank you Sarah for such an awesome article! And to really know what a cool person she is here are a few tidbits about her-
“My name is Sarah Mushenheim and I am the owner of My blog covers everything from fashion and beauty to my love for Taco Bell and everything in between. I live in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio where I am a full time college student, freelance writer, and a figure skating coach for the Special Olympics. I can be contacted through my blog or at my email address,! Thanks for reading!”


Hi everyone and happy Thursday! This past week I was so honored to be asked by the amazing designer, Sujata Gazder, to create a punky cool wedding look with one of her dresses. Usually wedding attire isn’t my forte but I was excited to give it a try. As you read this post, you can shop along at Gazder’s website: sujatagazder and check out her blog at: sujatagazderblog, as well! Now, check out how I would style an edgy and unconventional wedding look:

Ta Da! While I was creating this look, it was important to me that it still looked wedding appropriate. I achieved this by sticking with a gorgeous and somewhat traditional dress and then accessorizing with pieces that you might not see at your every day wedding. Let’s discuss:

The dress: As I browsed through Sujata Gazder’s website, this dress spoke to me. I liked that it…

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